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How can I write a POA for Amazon?

You NEED to download The Appeal Kit before you do anything else. Writing an appeal letter? You NEED the expertise in this kit. Thinking of hiring one of those companies to write you an appeal? You NEED to download this kit, it includes all the tools, techniques and templates those companies use (for >10% of the price). Already sent a plan of action, been rejected and not sure what to do? The Appeal Kit explains the steps and stages of appeal and what to do if Amazon are not responding.

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Tried & Tested on Suspended Amazon Accounts

The 43 appeal letters included in this download have all been used successfully in the past to appeal a suspension. They work and are a great starting point for your appeal.

2500+ Sellers Helped

These templates were used and developed during 2015-2019 and used to appeal many suspensions and blocked ASINs. Templates like these are what all the big suspension companies use to write their plan of action's.

Download, Appeal, Sell Again

The fastest option to getting selling again is to appeal your suspension on Amazon yourself with a great appeal letter. Download now these templates, edit and adapt to your unique POA & send to Seller Performance!

Understanding Your Suspension

Why Are You Suspended?

Step 1: Understanding Your Amazon Suspension
In order to respond to Amazon effectively, you need to understand why Amazon have suspended you. The Appeal Kit includes a guide on where to find why you've been suspended and how to understand / read the notifications from Seller Performance.
How to write a POA

How To Write a Plan of Action

Step 2: How to write a plan of action appeal for Amazon Seller Performance
In 9/10 cases Amazon request a plan of action from you. This includes the root cause of the issue, the steps you've taken to resolve the cause and the preventative steps you've implemented to stop this happening again.

The Appeal Kit includes a guide on how to write an effective plan of action using the appeal templates in this kit.
Guidelines For Sending Invoices

How To Send Invoices To Amazon

Step 3: Submiting Invoices to Amazon to prove authenticity
For inauthenticity and intellectual property suspensions, Amazon request invoices to prove your stock is authentic. Seller Performance are very specific about the format and information these invoices must include to be accepted.

The Appeal Kit includes the information you should ensure is included on the invoices you submit to Amazon.
43 Appeal Letter Templates

43 Appeal Letter Templates

Step 4: Use an Amazon Appeal Letter Template / POA Template
The Appeal Kit includes 43 unique appeal letter / POA templates. Each used successfully in the past to appeal a suspension. These are written by experts and cover nearly every reason you could be suspended with multiple POA's for common issues.

These letters can be used for any Amazon Marketplace country and, if adapted using the instructions in The Appeal Kit, are highly effective at opening suspended seller accounts.

Appeal letter / POA templates for these issues are included:
Banned Products, Blocked ASINs, Order Defect Rate, Certified Refurbished, Copyright Infringement, Counterfeit Products, ASIN Creation Policy, Customer Service, Defective Items, Detail Page Abuse, Expired Items, Forged Invoices, Image Policy Violations, Inauthentic Items, IP Violations, Late Shipment / Dispatch, Manipulating Reviews, Missing Item, Non-receipt, Not as Advertised, Related Accounts, Used Items Sold as New, Wrong Item Received.
3 Escalation Letters

Escalating to Amazon Management

Step 5: Escalate Your Amazon Appeal To Seller Performance Escalation Team
In some cases Seller Performance may not respond or may not handle your case correctly and it's necessary to contact specialist teams at Amazon.

The Appeal Kit includes instructions for escalating your case and templates to help you write to this team.
Related Accounts Guidebook

Understanding Related Accounts

Step 6: Avoid Related Account Suspension & How To Deal with it
Related accounts is one of the most common issues sellers face. You can only have 1 account, unless you get permission from Amazon. Our 8 page guidebook explains how to appeal an error and what to do if you're suspended with no way out.
Expertly Written

Expert Written Appeal Letters

Written by Suspension Expert, Joshua Price
"I've used these exact templates and information to support thousands of Amazon Sellers with their suspensions and blocked ASINs. In total, utilising these methods, I've reinstated 1/2 a billion dollars ($500m) of Seller's revenues on Amazon.

I didn't write these appeal letter for you, or for this ebook. I prepared them for me to use on my clients.

I'm no longer using this resource or offering this type of support to customers, that's why I've decided to make it available for you to download."

- Joshua Price, Amazon Suspension Expert
For Suspended on Amazon Sellers

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